Health, Safety, Quality

Preserving the health and physical integrity of our employees is our top priority. This intangible value is intrinsic to our DNA and concerns our employees and subcontractors without distinction.
Zero accidents is our goal.

Health Focus

We deploy preventive actions aimed at anticipating and eradicating the risks of the impact of our activities on the health of our employees. These actions particularly consider chemical risks, but also physical constraints generated by equipment or postures.

We are supported in this process by our Occupational Physician and our Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CHSCT). Our guard on these subjects is constant and is based on the shared experience of the PONTICELLI Group, the Union of Metallurgies Industries (UIMM), our professional branch, and occupational health services.

Safety Focus

The zero accident objective involves a strong commitment at all levels, individual and collective proactivity, and stringent demands on the part of managers.
Each year, FCE establishes a demanding roadmap based on the analysis of our events and our feedback. The continuous improvement of the safety culture within the company is a permanent ambition.  

FCE has been involved in MASE/UIC certification since 2001.

Quality Focus

Customer satisfaction lies at the core of our commitment to quality.

Our company’s persistence depends on it.

Managing quality means guaranteeing compliance of products and services, delivered on time and within budget, in order to ensure the reliability of our customers’ equipment.

Our commitments:

  • Always listen to our customers’ expectations and offer them high-performance and innovative solutions.
  • Anticipate and control technological risks.
  • Be on the lookout for changes in standards and meet, as closely as possible, the applicable requirements.
  • Ensure the detection and methodical analysis of the causes of quality deficiencies.
  • Collect, capitalise on, and share feedback.
  • Seek performance in our processes and deploy proposals for improvement.

We involve all staff involved in the continuous improvement process, broken down into concrete actions and measurable objectives.

FCE has been committed to ISO 9001 certification for over 19 years.


Flow Control Engineering

Design, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of valves for precision applications.

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