Check Valve

Design and manufacturing of custom-made check valves

FCE offers several types of check valves. For specific purposes: In the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and hydraulic industries...

Swing Check Valve


  • Type of Fluid
    Steam, water, gas, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, charged fluid...
  • DN
    From DN 8 to DN 200.
  • Nominal Working Pressure
    10 bars to 1000 bars.
  • Operating Temperature
    -200°C to +500°C.
  • Connection
    Flanged, welded or threaded.
  • Sealing
    Sealing can vary depending on the fluids and service conditions (metal to metal, soft seat, etc.).

Advantage: This equipment allows in-line maintenance without disassembling the valve body from the pipe.

Axial Check Valve

Just as with swing check valves, FCE manufactures axial check valves corresponding to your criteria and requirements.

The advantages of axial check valves are:

  • Better fluid flow.
  • Limited pressure loss.
  • Low opening pressure.
  • Low noise levels during opening and closing phases.
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