Multi-Way Ball Valve

Design and manufacturing of custom multi-way valves

Based on ball valve technology, FCE offers a range of 3 / 4 / 6 multiway valves with multiple positions according to your fluid flow requirements.

For specific purposes: In the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and hydraulic industries...

If your facility is subject to specific service conditions, such as:

  • High Temperatures

    Up to +500°C.

  • Low temperatures

    Down to -200°C.

  • Non-conventional fluids

    Hydrogen type gases, abrasives, corrosives ...

Tight spaces: FCE can, within the limits of technology, adapt to your facility’s space requirements.

Advantages of the multi-way valve

A multi-way valve reduces the need for On-Off valves and thus simplifies installations.

The Top Entry technology generally used by FCE in this type of manufacturing facilitates maintenance interventions.

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